About Sweet Suppport


Sweet Support is a family run business based in Moorabbin. Since 1996, we have established a collaboration with Craniofacial Australia to distribute and monitor workplace snack boxes on their behalf. To date we are very proud to have donated in excess of $170,000 to Craniofacial Australia from the sale of snack items in honesty boxes.
Types of snack boxes
We try and cater for all needs and tastes and offer a number of box types. You can decide what you want or change your mind at will!

Our most popular box request since it includes something for everybody.

Nut free
Available in workplaces where nut allergies or the more severe, anaphylaxis, are of concern.
Low chocolate
For those without the sugar lust, a snack box containing a greater proportion of non chocolate items such as nut bars, muesli bars and cereal slices.

Chip box
A small box containing only chips of mixed variety. This box is designed to sit underneath the normal snack box and hence takes up no extra space.

Mouse proof
Sanctuary from those pesky critters. They will not get in this box as long as the lid is put back on after opening.

Snack products
We offer a significant number of different products in any one box. The mix constantly changes to refresh our offering and also in line with availability.  Our policy is to offer well known and respected branded products rather than bagged generic products. Therefore no unwelcome surprises on quality and taste. Our multinational suppliers are Cadbury, Nestle, Mars plus long standing Aussie companies such as Future Bake (produced in Vic), All Natural Bakery and Snackbrands.