Sweet Support FAQs


Why is Craniofacial Australia associated with snack boxes?
It is a very efficient and proven way to raise funds. These are funds that the charity would not normally have access to. Workplace staff generally prefer to pay for a charity snack rather than a straight commercial product such as those found in vending machines knowing they contribute to such a worthwhile cause and at the same time getting access to a great choice of snack!

What is in the snack box?
It contains a variety of chocolate bars, nut bars, muesli bars, cereal slices, nuts, chips and lollies. Something for everybody!

Can we request specific products?
Yes of course. You are able to tailor-make your own box and clearly say “we want more of this and less of that etc”. Everybody is different!

How big is the snack box?
We offer a range of box types. Our biggest box has a footprint of 360x300mm. It typically finds a home in the workplace kitchen, staff room or reception area.

How many items in the snack box?
We currently place 45 items in the box. If you love your chips we also offer a dedicated chip box which will come with 15 packets of chips. You can let our driver know if you want a chip box and the next time we visit we will bring one.

How much are the snacks?
A standard price of $2.60 for all snacks applies which compares favourably with petrol stations and convenience stores.

How does the honesty snack box system work?
A money box with appropriate slot is incorporated in the snack tray. Workplace staff have access to the snack box 24/7. Users are reasonably expected to pay for the snacks they consume.

How often is the snack box topped up?Rather than top the box up, Sweet Support staff will call approximately every 3 weeks to pick up the snack box and swap it over with a fresh box. Less frequent calls are made when patronage of the box is also reduced. Our goal is to rapidly enter and leave the workplace with no fuss, no interference.

What happens if items are not fully paid for?
In the majority of workplaces the honesty system works pretty well. Because the box is unsupervised shortages sometimes occur.  If this happens  we bring it to the attention of staff and try and rectify. At no time do Sweet Support staff chase missing money but merely attempt to get future payment back on track. If this is not possible then clearly our aim of raising money for Craniofacial Australia is not achieved and we would reasonably withdraw the box from use. Sweet Support accepts full responsibility for the performance of the snack box and any losses that could occur.

How can I pay if I don't have cash on me? You can transfer funds directly into our bank account. Each box will have a yellow card attached to it with our bank details. Make sure you include the reference specified on the card so we can tell which workplace the money has come from.

Who can I contact regarding the performance of the snack box at my workplace?
On visiting, Sweet Support drivers can be directly asked about this. They are continually informed. Alternatively contact us by phone, email or the website.